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Q: Why do high rollers like Baccarat? A: Baccarat is a fast-paced game that offers not only excitement but also the chance to play many short rounds – an eight-deck shoe can be played in less than an hour. It’s really easy to learn and straightforward to play as it lacks the complexity of other skill-based games. All it takes is a bet on either Player or Banker – a decision that doesn’t require more thought put into it than a coin toss. Still, it has one of the lowest house edges possible – just a bit over one percent which means that really high wagers can bring equally high payouts, so in no time, with no skill or practice, someone can get instantly rich. Of course, there’s always the chance of going bust but for many high-rollers going big is sometimes more of a statement and showing the others at the table who’s boss. Q: Is the “Player or Banker” bet a 50/50 chance? A: You’d think. But actually – no, not really. Although baccarat is often compared to heads or tails, the Banker hand is considered to have slightly higher odds because it’s dealt last. Besides, there’s the option of having a Tie, so it’s not exactly a 50/50 chance. And even if you exclude the Tie option from your calculations, the Banker still has 51% win odds all the time. That’s why, many experts advise to always bet Banker or to wait at least one round after a loss of Banker before switching to Player bet. However, others suggest alternating between the two based on the pattern of your scorecards. The thing is, those aren’t exactly reliable as well and are more useful in helping you keep track of the time and money you’ve spent so far rather than figuring out a tendency that will help you boost your winnings. Q: Does card counting work at baccarat? A: The short answer is yes. The long answer – it’s complicated. In theory, it is possible to count cards but it’s a lot more complicated than Blackjack card counting. It takes a lot of calculations and practice and even if it does prove to be successfu

These questions have been asked by winning baccarat players many times before and will help you very much. If you have questions then please email. I will always reply. Contact Form IMPORTANT The SYSTEM is continually being improved and updated when new winning data is available. The SOFTWARE WILL BE UPDATED and you can have the system improvement and software for FREE for 5 years . A short description… 1. There is 2 software. Win at Baccarat GOLD and Win at Baccarat ONLINE.2. The GOLD software is so you can practice the Predictor before you go to land casinos. It tells you when you are right and when you are wrong.3. The ONLINE software is when you play at an online casino. You enter the result of the hands played at the online casino and the software tells you to bet on Banker or Player. “What are the differences between Win@Baccarat GOLD and the ONLINE version?” “Win@Baccarat GOLD – Predictor System” is the original version and contains the Predictor System that can be used by you in land based casinos and online casinos once you have learnt the system and practised it using the GOLD software. The “Win@Baccarat Online with the Predictor System” version also contains exactly the same Predictor System as the GOLD version but has the added feature of doing the Predictor System calculations for you as you play on an online casino. So when you are playing online you have the ONLINE version active side by side with the online casino, you enter the online casino results into the ONLINE version, and the software will make the decisions for you telling you when and where to bet next. It will make your life a lot easier when playing online. “What percentage of shoes do you win?” Over 70% or 70 shoes won out of every 100. “The advantage that you say the system has, is that after commission on Banker has been paid?” YES “Do you have player testimonials?” Yes we do and some players have been kind enough to allow their email addresses to be published so that you can contact th

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Trik Bermain Baccarat adalah permainan kartu Baccarat Online yang singkat (juga disebut Punto Banco