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Baccarat is a card game with an intriguing history involving a royal scandal, James Bond and plenty of glamour. Here is a quick look at where and when Baccarat originates from, how it evolved into the game we know today and why it become prevalent across the globe. Origins and Felix Falguiere While the common conception is that Baccarat originated in France, some historians have suggested that the game’s roots can be traced back to ancient China and Rome. Pai Gow (‘make nine’ in English) was a popular game in the former that utilised tiles to denote numbers, potentially indicating a link to Baccarat, in which nine is the maximum score that can be achieved. Meanwhile, it is claimed that in ancient Rome various games were played that involved rolling a nine-sided dice, with those who rolled an eight or nine receiving prizes. This has led some to suggest that the significance of eight or nine (a ‘natural’ in Baccarat) supplying the best outcome might have had a formative influence on the rules of the game. The first official set of rules for the modern version of Baccarat were devised by a man named Felix Falguiere in 15th century Italy. It is believed that Falguiere was primarily influenced by games including Macao , today known as a Baccarat variant , and Le Her . Le Her was a game in which players would draw a card from the deck and the person with the highest rank (King being highest) would win. Falguiere named the game Baccara (Italian for zero) due to the fact that the majority of cards are worth zero. When the game became popular in France, the French spelling Baccarat was predominantly adopted worldwide. A royal scandal and James Bond Baccarat was first brought to France by soldiers returning to the country from conflicts with Italy towards the end of the 15th century. The game quickly became favoured with the French nobility, who developed their own version called Baccarat banque , which also became known as Á deux tableaux , and is considered another Baccarat

When you play baccarat online you will see the Online Baccarat table that is very similar to the Mini Baccarat Table. There is only one seat for you at the table, the dealer is virtual. In front of the player you can see three betting areas: Player, Banker and Tie. Some online casinos offer Side bets as well.

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